Industrias Lahoz

Industrias Lahoz is located in Golmes (Lleida-Spain) and it specializes in the design and construction of racing cars for AutoCross and Hillclimbing that are sold under the commercial name of Speedcar.

It was Delfin Lahoz who in 1998 introduced the first Speedcar ,  a compact autocross vehicle, with exhilarating performance. With continuous development on his products the Lahoz vehicles have excelled in autocross racing,  achieving the most wins in all competitions, both in national and international level.

In 2004, the company Industrias Lahoz was founded, to incorporate the production of Speedcar vehicles, that are now marketed in various regions around the world.

The persistence of Delfin to quality and reliability , has brought forward a range of outstanding vehicles, marketed today under the commercial names XTREM, TTX (autocross) and GTR (hillclimb), that are trusted by the best drivers in the world